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I have always enjoyed and been frustrated by drawing wings. Here is one of many attempts to try and understand them more completely. Sorry for the award crops. It’s hard to scan sketchbook pages well.

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of Cats and Cowboys

This page is a collaboration between me and a fella I met on a porch in Portland.

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Pacific Northwest

These are from a visit up to the majestic Pacific Northwest.

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Inner kid

This one came from thinking about people who grow up without really getting any self-awareness. They have adult responsibilities that they try and make the center of their lives, but deep down they just want to play. I think that

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Imaginative wanderings

This page is brought to you by imaginative wanderings. I was drawing the bigger creature and it ended up having this panic in its eyes. That made me think of a mother protecting its young from something. I decided that

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Along with heads, hands are among the most difficult parts of the human form to deal with. Both are also where so much character and story are held. I like to have pages like this one in my sketchbook every

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I drew this while waiting for my truck to be fixed, sitting in the backyard of a bar and enjoying the twists and turns of their lemon tree. I’d also recently purchased a fancy fountain pen and wanted to test

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Quick figure sketches

Here is a page I drew recently as practice for quick figure drawing. I used photos of dancers I found on Pinterest for these. There’s also a quick sketch of a bowl of salad, pretty exciting I know, but seriously

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Sketch blog post #1

It’s time to get my blog rolling again. I’ll be overhauling my website soon and figured I would start the process by posting images from my sketchbooks on the blog every week. I love to draw in sketchbooks. For many

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Play time

Trying to get back to the basics today. It’s been a while since I posted anything at all, to tell you the truth I have been in sort of a creative slump for the past couple of weeks. I have

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