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Philippines Relief

herunterladen Just finished this. It will be sold at the Peninsula school Crafts fair. 75% of its proceeds will go to aid for the Philippines relief Effort. I will have a number of other prints availabe there as well powerpoint

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Ode to the pencil

free youtube video downloaden gratis This was an assignment for a graphic novels class I’m co-teaching. Its also in solidarity with the alternative press expo, APE, witch will be going down this weekend herunterladen. I didn’t get it together to

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Back to the working day

inkscape free download mac I haven’t posted anything in a while. I have been besotted by 4th graders and a portrait commission. I thought I would post a sketch that will soon (ish) to be a painting evry download. Based

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La La La La La Honda

kann im app store nichts mehren Had a great time in La Honda.  I tried to capture some of its loveliness before i had to dive back into the day job world skype windows. Capturing my last days of summer.

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It’s in His Bones

software zumen von youtube videos I’m about to be away from my studio and without the internet for a few days. Thought I would post something before I left. This is a sketch that may turn into a painting in

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For Fear of the Depths

windows office 2019 herunterladen ITS FINALLY FINISHED! I feel pretty good about it. It has to do with the fear of diving into the depths of the unknown and the anger that running from that breads herunterladen. but ultimately its

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Finished something?

amazone prime filme herunterladen This one is a 2 parter and the second one isn’t started yet. So its not really done. Still… another under my belt.   I may like the black and white one better, oh well photo

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A few more additions to the team

freestyle libre 2 software herunterladen My Girlfriend thinks this guy looks like a ball-sack. My ex-roomate assures me that he looks like the aliens from Mars Attacks. Im Happy with both observations fernbus simulator for free. had to add a

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Son of a birthday

kun je netflix films download op laptop This here is a li’ll somethin’ I made for my son Charles first B-day. it depicts him as a zombie vampire, something every father hopes his son will grow up to be herunterladen.

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The Stress of death

herunterladen Here is one i just started today. its partially inspired by part of a Klimt mural that burnt down. All thats left of it is a black and white photo flyer. emoji app for free

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