With this one, I was trying to give some semblance of order while keeping freedom of direction present. maybe I should try nail down the large composition and then keep smaller elements fluid youtube videosen deutsch kostenlos. I’ll get back to you wit an attempt in this vein.

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Puff puff sketch

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What can I say this is what happens when I soak pot and get lost in a drawing. Some cool elements come out of working this way but it’s hard to keep track of the bigger picture, I can just focus on one thing at a time music amazon.

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Chefs knifes’

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Another Watts study and some weird skate pose. I think the pose of the woman holding the chef’s knife is stiff but the fabric is kinda cool.

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beez kneez

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Two studies from Jeff Watts drawings, guess which ones. Then a goofy old school patriarch standing in compromising positions.

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I had a roommate briefly that gave me a free subscription to Thrasher, although I have no Skateboarding skill, he worked in their mailroom. It’s weird I have had so many roommates I can’t even remember his name, getting old I guess herunterladen. I’m always struck by how arms are positioned in skate photos. It must be for balance but it often looks so awkward in relation to the grace of the rest of the pose windows login screen.

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Small horses

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It’s weird to look back on drawings from not even that long ago and see all the changes I would make if I were to redraw it again now. I always appreciate the older work I make especially for the Ideas and freedom I think I used to have when drawing teamwiever herunterladen. always looking to find that spot between technical proficiency and freedom.

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Stolen tongues

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A head study straight on is always tricky. A goblin stealing someone’s tongue, I’m not wild about how I draw knees, someday I’ll get it right elster steuererklärung 2018 kostenlosen.

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Just a few weirdos and an oblivious P.E. teacher.

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Figures and faces

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Some figure practice and a few invented faces.

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Dynamic poses

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Practicing some dynamic perspective on invented figures. I Seem to make them a little too boxy when I do this but I Like the outcome overall.

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