Popcorn dog

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A little page of drawing drawings. Some studys from the most recent Spectrum and a drawing of my dog made of popcorn.

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S.t Louis and home

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I did the little drawing in the upper left in S.t Louis at a good friend’s house who just moved there with his family. It’s a great town, way too humid in the summer for my sweaty self though mp3 player for free. The rest was done after getting home from a whirlwind 2-week road trip.

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Head drawing

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Sitting in a motel in Wisconson I decided I needed to do some head drawing practice. I used Croquis Cafe’s free figure gallery for the reference whatsapp herunterladen google. it’s a great resource for practicing figure drawing. 

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Road vignettes

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A few drawings from visiting my buddy up in Canada and few other random doodles. There’s nothing quite like traveling to get you to inspire downloaden internet.

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Nice hat


A group of tough guys.

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Plane drawn

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This one was done on a plane while taking my son back to his moms. He wanted to draw what the characters were saying. I think it has something to do with a pig herunterladen.

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Figure stacking


Trying to get a sense of fantastical figure weight and balance. I just kept adding figures, not worrying too much about there size in relation to one another secure plus app.

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Floating oasis

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This is one of my favorite pages from recently. I started just inventing landscapes and then had the idea to draw a floating little world. I ended up taking this farther than I originally anticipated because it just came out so well herunterladen. I think this may turn into a painting so I did a few more versions of the monk in the tree for future reference.

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Cool pose

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Just trying out cool poses and practicing my figure invention.

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Creepy dudes and geometric shapes

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I tend to practice geometric solids a lot. I don’t think I did it enough when I was younger so I’m trying to make up for it now. Creepy monstrous dudes, on the other hand, I have drawn plenty of and will continue to draw plenty more herunterladen.

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