Whats the Story?

I just finished this one. Its a compilation of drawings from 2 of my recent sketchbooks. I decided that I wanted to use some of the massive amount of drawings I have intoumbed in books to create something i could put on a wall musik kostenlos herunterladen ohne anmeldung. so I made a 10 print series that are all for sale. I am not yet equipped to sell things i print easily from my web sight but if you want one just email me e mail program.

This one is about collecting images that tell stories, but the stores they tell me are not the stores they tell everyone. This piece is an invitation for those who see it to make up the story behind what ever character or characters they want dateien aus icloud drive herunterladen. I think that art exists largely for us to be inspired to take our own paths from the ideas of other. I hope you like it. And let me know if you want one, 8.5×11″ in a sleeve signed and numbered for 15$, plus shipping if that is necessary herunterladen.

sketch collage (for internet) IMG_1790

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