It’s been a while

It’s been quite some time since I posted anything. Im not exactly sure why, I suppose I have been struggling with my relationship with creativity and the worries I have for my artistic future rosen bilder zum herunterladen. I have recently made the decision to leave my comfortable day job to pursue art full time. I’m basically jumping and hoping that I will find a nice paratute on the way down.I feel good about my decision, most of the time, but it has been bringing up a lot of anxiety around making art, sort of a catch 22 ebo herunterladen. Part of the work I’m doing to get past this is trying to figure out my large goals and then starting to take some baby steps towards them. One of those goals is to work in the fantasy and science fiction illustration world 80er musik kostenlos downloaden. I have a lot of practice to bring my skills to where i want them in that realm, but I’m starting the process. Sooooooo here is a one of the fruits of that leighbor cd cover for free german. hope you enjoy it.

robots and puppies


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