Sketch blog post #1

It’s time to get my blog rolling again wie kann ich bei youtube musik kostenlos downloaden. I’ll be overhauling my website soon and figured I would start the process by posting images from my sketchbooks on the blog every week.

I love to draw in sketchbooks windows 10 kostenlosen 32 bit. For many years sketchbooks were my main project. I love that they’re always available no matter where you are. And I love the way an empty book of fresh pages looks podcast niet automatisch downloaden. The idea of my sketchbooks is to make something that looks cool, but also just to get stuff out of my head and play with ideas. Some pages are studies for larger illustrations or paintings, and some are more academic studies for practice—but most are just things that happen when I put pencil to paper dateien einer webseite herunterladen. On that note, I hope you will enjoy some of the upcoming pages.

This is the first page of a sketchbook I started in July 2016 and am still working on notes for e-bass for free. The first page is always the hardest to do. The challenge comes from actually committing to something rather then having a glorious blank book of possibilities db timetable. Once I’m a few pages in I don’t worry too much about how things are looking, but the first few feel like they need to be solid pages.

For this one I used a pose I found on an app called Artmodels herunterladen. I decided to make the head bigger than usual to give it a caricature quality. I added the knife because why not.

sketch 20170129

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